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Born in 1955 near London the natural world has always been his passion and Neil drew and painted wildlife from an early age. Early interest from galleries and collectors followed, so it was perhaps no surprise that, despite graduating in Law at Southampton University and some time spent in consultancy work, he decided to return to his first love and pursue a career as a wildlife artist.​


Early influences included Archibald Thorburn with his talent for combining the full spectrum of rich , contrasting colours in a harmonious way and Canadian artist Robert Bateman's ability to compose his paintings around a strong dynamic design, often using large areas of simplicity and space to maximise impact and mood.


Entirely self taught, Neil's work rarely relies on the standard techniques usually applied to his chosen medium, be it oil or watercolour. His paintings benefit from an originality born out of constant experimentation.


Whilst ultimately the challenge is to produce a picture that works as a piece of art, he understands the importance of scientific correctness and hours spent in the field over the years ensure authenticity in all his paintings.​


Over the years he has been represented by a network of galleries throughout Europe and the UK as well as the Clarke Galleries, Vermont and the Bennett Galleries Tennessee in the USA. Along with strong sales at Christies, Sotheby's and Philips his widespread appeal has been ensured.​


Neil travels extensively, both in the UK and abroad, seeking new ideas for his paintings with time spent in Alberta, British Columbia and Central America amongst recent highlights.


Moving to Sidmouth in Devon Neil took on a new challenge and was elected to the board of trustees for Kennaway House where, for 5 years, he was responsible for approving and overseeing the programme of art exhibitions held in the magnificent Regency mansion.​


Living in the West Country on the magnificent Jurassic Coast, close to the sea in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, he finds himself constantly inspired by the spectacular scenery and rich diversity of wildlife in this stunning part of the country.

“Neil’s work has always been popular amongst the sporting fraternity, combining accuracy with authentic settings, the composition and richness of colour has led many to compare him to Thorburn!” (Tom Rooth, Sporting Art, Christie’s London)

Portrait of Neil Cox

“One's art goes as far and as deep as one's love goes." 

Andrew Wyeth

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